Attendance & Tracking Solution

Educational Institutes deals with so many security risks.

Safety and Security are the essential needs of any educational institution.

Student’s attendance is routine and time consuming operation.

There isn’t such notification for student’s arrival and departure for parents as well.

Making this routine procedure automated and highly reliable is an essential need.

System which has to be flawless and independent as well.

Accurate Attendance

Tracks late entries, early outs, presence in premise but not attending class.

Reports – Daily , Weekly, Monthly

Attendance Maintenance for Teachers, Students and Other School Staff.

Transparency in Attendance Management.

Saves a Lot of Time – No Manual Attendances.

Paperless System

Attendance Status and Notification to the Parents/ Guardians.

Reduces the Administrative Stress.

Fewer Man Power, Resource Utilization.

Improve Communication between School Authorities and Parents.