Company++ HRMS & Payroll Solution

Kept simple though extremely power full and efficient HR and Payroll Process

Reduces the work load and efficient resource management

One stop solution for employee management from recruitment to leaving an organization

Rich set of reports, graphs and charts makes decision making very simple

Dashboard- Administration Panel

Employee – Personal Information Management

Employee Task –Tracking , Workflow and Calendar

Community Management

Team, Supervisors & Subordinates Management

Attendance Management

Leaves Management

Tax Declarations, Form 16, PF, ESIC, PT, Labour Welfare Fund

Pay- Slips.

Performance Appraisal

Loans, Claims and Reimbursements

Travel Request

Training & Certificates

Ticketing System

Corporate Customized Messenger

Configurable Policies

200+ Reports

Android App

Accounts & Finance

Asset Details

Asset List

Bill Payments Reminder List

Claims And Reimbursement List

Employee Loan Details

Employee Loan List

Employee Salary Financial Year Summary


GST Paid Report

GST Received Report

Hold Salary Statement

Invoice List

Invoice Tax Master

Labour Welfare Fund Deducted Month Wise

Payment Break Up

Payment List

Payout Labour Summary

Payout PT Summary

Payout Summary

PT Deducted Month Wise

Purchase Order

Purchase Orders List


Quotation List

Salary Hold List

Service AMC Reminder List

Tax Invoice


Approve Reject Attendance For Salary

Approve Reject Claims And Reimbursement

Default Salary Structure Team Size Threshold

Employee Detailed Report

Employee File Uploaded

Employee Idle Time

Employee Master List

Employee Month Wise Count

Employee Month Wise Joining Count

Employee Month Wise Resigned Count

Employee Status

Exit Interview Form

Forensic Report

Full And Final Clearance Form

Full And Final Settlement

Full And Final Settlement List

Inward Outward Register List

KYC & Company Policy Compliance Summary

Nomination Form F

Nominee Form


Performance Appraisal

Performance Appraisal List

Pick List Master

Promotion Demotion Transfer List

Region Wise

Reimbursement Slip

Revised Salary List

Revised Salary Structure

Salary Breakup

Salary Statement Detailed

Salary Statement Summary

Unverified Employees File List

Visitor List


Bank Account Master

Cache Management Master

Chart Master

Company Master

Depreciation Rate Master

E-Mail Configuration

Financial Year Master

IFSC Master

Labour Welfare Fund Master

Leave Type Master

Location Master

My Community Events

Office Departments Designations Mapped

Office To Holiday

Pay Scale Master

Policy Agreed List

Policy Master

Professional Tax Slab Master

Report Master

Salary Contribution Slab Master

SMS Configuration

Timing Master

Wallpaper Master


Client & Manager List

Client List

Engineer Attendance

Vendor List

Vendor Location Wise Summary

Vendor Payment

Vendor Report

Accounts & Finance --> ESIC

ESIC Deducted Month Wise

ESIC Form 1

ESIC Monthly Challan

ESIC Return Form 6

ESIC Return Form 6 Comp

Accounts & Finance --> PF

PF Deducted Month Wise

PF Form 10

PF Form 11

PF Form 2

PF Form 21

PF Form 5

PF Monthly Challan

PF Return Form 12 A

PF Return Form 3 A

PF Return Form 3 A PF Solution

PF Return Form 6 A

Accounts & Finance --> TDS

Form 16

TDS Deducted at Source Month Wise

TDS Deducted Report

TDS Details For All Employees Falling In Tax Slab

TDS Paid Report

HR --> Attendance

Continuous Absent

Continuous Early Going

Continuous Late Coming

Department Wise Summary Daily

Department Wise Summary Month Wise

Employee Absent Report Month Wise

Employee Attendance Daily

Employee Attendance Early Coming Daily

Employee Attendance Early Coming Month Wise

Employee Attendance Early Going Daily

Employee Attendance Early Going Month Wise

Employee Attendance Late Coming Daily

Employee Attendance Late Coming Month Wise

Employee Attendance Month Wise Report

Employee Attendance Over Time Daily

Employee Attendance Over Time Month Wise

Employee Manual Attendance Month Wise Report

Employee Missing Punch

Employee Out Work

Employee Over Time Summary

Employee Percentage Month Wise

Employee Present Absent Report Daily

Employee Shift Change

Location Wise Attendance Daily

Performance Register Month Wise

Shift Wise Present Daily

Time Slot Punch Daily

HR --> Leave

Employee Leave Application

Employee Leave Balance

Employee Leave Details

Leave Taken Month Wise


Activity Summary

Audit History List

E-Mail Scheduled

E-Mail Sent History

E-Mail Template List

File Uploaded List

Generated Letters & E-Mails List

GSM Device List

Handled Devices Registered List

High Level Action Items For HR Accounts

Invalid E-Mail List

Letter Template List

Login Activity For Android App

Login Activity For Desktop Application

Login Activity For Employee Portal

Miss Call List

Pending All Actions

Project List

SMS Received List

SMS Scheduled

SMS Sent History

SMS Template List

Software Installed By User

Software License List

Table Details

Template Permission

Ticket List

Ticket Summary

Upload E-Mail List

Upload Mobile List

User Access Rights

SMS Received Summary

Recruitment / Marketing / Sales

Job Opening List

Product List

Scheduled Interview Details

Telecalling Logger List

Telecalling Result List

Telecalling Summary


Absenteeism Rate Chart

Age Distribution Chart

Attrition Rate Chart

Average Days Delay in creating Employee Id after joining

Average Days for FNF Process

Average Employee Documents Uploaded

Average Tenure Chart

Blood Group wise Employee Count

Company++ Month Wise Usage

Current Vs Total Employees Chart

Employee Count - Month Wise

Employee Count by Category Chart

Employee Count by Department Chart

Employee Device Chart

Employee Joining - Month Wise

Employee KYC Details Completeness

Employee Portal - Month Wise Usage

Employee Resigned - Month Wise

Employee Working Status Chart

Employees Growth - Month Wise

Employees State Chart

Employment Type Wise Employee Count

Gender Distribution Chart

High Level Average Attendance Chart

Involuntary Termination Rate

Leaves Taken on Weekdays

Month Wise Register Device

Month Wise Visitor Chart

New Hire 90 Days Failure Rate Chart

Office Wise Employee Count

Online Employment Verification

Performance Appraisal Submitted

Policy Agreed By Employees

Rate of Internal Referral Hires Chart

Show Religion Wise Chart

Subordinates assigned to Non-Working Supervisors

Telecalling Count Chart

Ticket Status - Employee Portal

Ticket Status - Online

Tickets Raised - Employee Portal

Tickets Raised - Online

Top 10 Employees Taken Most Leaves Per Month

Top 10 Recruiters

Top 10 Supervisors with most subordinates

Top 15 Designations with most employees

Top 15 Employees participating in My Community

Top 15 Highest Qualifications Employees Hired

Top 15 Reasons for Leaving

Top 20 Most Employees City Chart

Top 30 Company++ Most Used By

Top 30 Employee Portal Most Used By

Top 5 Idle Managers

Total Holidays Month Wise

Vacation Days Used Chart

Accounts & Finance

Approx Monthly Bill Payments Summary Chart

Claims & Reimbursement Payout Summary Chart

Claims & Reimbursement Pending Summary Chart

Employee CTC Chart

Employee Take Home Chart

ESIC Summary Chart

Invoice Raised - Month Wise

Labour Welfare Slab Wise Pending Summary Chart

Labour Welfare Slab Wise Summary Chart

Overall Inward Outward Count Chart

Overall Projects Status Chart

Percent of Employee Falling Under Tax Slab

Percent of Employee Submitted Tax Declaration

PF Summary Chart

PT Slab Wise Pending Summary Chart

PT Slab Wise Summary Chart

PT Summary Chart

Salary Payout Summary Chart

Salary Pending Summary Chart

Tax Collected - Month Wise

Recruitment / Marketing / Sales

CV Type Summary Chart

Job Opening Posted Summary Chart

Jobseekers CV Summary Chart

Jobseekers Gender Summary Chart

Jobseekers Photo Summary Chart

Recruiter Contribution Chart

TatkalJob CV Status Chart

Top 10 Employee Contribution to Marketing Data

Top 20 Marketing Data - Category Wise

Top 20 Marketing Data - Source Wise

Top 30 Jobseekers City Wise Chart

Top 30 Jobseekers Country Wise Chart

Top 30 Jobseekers Employer Wise Chart


Top 20 Errors In Employee Portal - Browser Wise

Top 20 Errors In Employee Portal - Error Wise

Top 20 Errors In Employee Portal - URL Wise

Total Email Sent - Month Wise

Total SMS Sent - Month Wise


Month Wise Register Vendors

Vendor City Wise Chart

Vendor State Wise Chart

Assign Task

Attendance Escalation To Supervisor


Claims & Reimbursement Slip

Claims and Reimbursements Approval

Claims and Reimbursements Paid

Claims and Reimbursements Payment Rejected

Claims and Reimbursements Rejection

Claims and Reimbursements Submission

Claims and Reimbursements Updation

Courier Inward Received From

Courier Inward Received To

Courier Outward Sent From

Courier Outward Sent To

Early Going

Employment verification

Full & Final Clearance Form

Full & Final Settlement

Full & Final Settlement Clearance Form

Full & Final Settlement Slip

Happy Birthday

Happy Children’s Day

Happy Dhanteras

Happy Diwali

Happy Dussehra

Happy Earth Day

Happy Eid

Happy Gandhi Jayanti

Happy Global Tiger Day

Happy Holi

Happy Independence Day

Happy International Day of Girl Child

Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Workers Day / Labour Day

Happy International Yoga Day

Happy International Youth Day

Happy Janmashtami

Happy Maha Shivratri

Happy Makar Sankranti

Happy Marriage Anniversary

Happy Merry Christmas

Happy National Doctors’ Day

Happy National Girl Child Day / Balika Divas

Happy National Sports Day

Happy National Youth Day

Happy Navratri

Happy New Year

Happy Raksha Bandhan

Happy Ram Navami

Happy Republic Day

Happy Teacher’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Work Anniversary

Happy World AIDS Day

Happy World Animal Day

Happy World Blood Donor Day

Happy World Cancer Day

Happy World Day Against Child Labour

Happy World Health Day

Happy World Milk Day

Happy World No Tobacco Day

Late Coming

Late Sitting

Leave Application from Employee

Leave Application from Supervisor

Leave Approval

Leave Rejection

Login failure exceeded retry count of 5

Newly Installed Softwares by User

Password Reset

Password Reset OTP

Performance Appraisal Review Completed

Performance Appraisal Submission

Reminder - Pending Leave Approval

Reminder : AMC Renewal

Reminder : Asset warranty is expiring

Reminder : Bill Payment

Reminder : Change Project Status from Active to Completed

Reminder : Disk Cleanup Required

Reminder : In-correct employee data

Reminder : In-correct employee DOL / DOJ

Reminder : In-correct employee Resignation Received Date / DOL

Reminder : My Community Updates

Reminder : Outlook PST File Requires Cleanup

Reminder : Pending Manager Actions

Reminder : Probation / Contractual / Internship Employees nearing End of Contract

Reminder : Project is ending

Reminder : Submission of Tax Saving Proofs for the Current Financial Year

Reminder : Submit Income Tax Declaration

Reminder : Update employee as left in software

Reminder : Update resignation date in software

Salary Slip

Signoff Report Approval

Signoff Report Rejection

Signoff Report Submission

Signoff Report Updation

Task Comment / Mass Emailing

Tax Declaration Approval

Tax Declaration Rejection

Tax Declaration Submission

Team Consolidated Attendance Report


Ticket Internal Note

Ticket Raise

Ticket Response

Ticket Status Change

Ticket Topic Change

Timesheet Escalation

Timesheet Reminder

Travel Request Approval

Travel Request Rejection

Travel Request Submission

Update KYC Details Reminder

Visitor Checked In

Visitor Checked Out


Address Proof

Appointment Letter - Internal

Appointment Letter - Synergy

Authorization Letter

Confirmation Letter

Deputation Letter

Employment verification

Event Invitation Letter

Franchisee Agreement

Increment Letter

Invitation for Interview

Landlord PAN Card Declaration From

Letter of Appointment

Non-Disclosure Agreement - NDA

Party Invitation Letter

Professional Services Agreement (Contract Hiring)

Relieving / Experience Letter

Rental Agreement 2

Rental Agreement 3

Suspension Letter

Termination Letter

Vendor Non-Disclosure Agreement

Visa Covering Letter 1

Visa Covering Letter 2

Visa Declaration Letter



F2F Interview Schedule

Globtier Infotech Welcome

KYC Documents Details Reminder

Miss Call Password Request

Password Reset OTP

Reply to the e mail send by Globtier

Self Employee Portal Android App

Telephonic Interview

Walk-In Interview


Work Anniversary

LESS THAN 100 Employee

  200 Per Month and per Employee

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GREATERTHAN 100 Employee

  130 Per Month and per Employee

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