Manpower Outsourcing

For any organization to function efficiently, apart from an efficient infrastructure system, an efficient and dedicated manpower is absolutely required to fulfill the objectives of the organization. An efficient manpower means the required skill sets to be deployed to achieve the desired results, along with performance efficiency, commitment and dedication. These can be obtained only by recruiting the right skill sets and experience suited for the right tasks. This kind of manpower will be adequately compensated to allow the manpower to focus on achieving a company's objectives, which is also its core business.

Dataligence Infotech Pvt. Ltd. provides regular, full-time employees for a highly productive work relationship. We offer a full complement of services - extensive candidate searches, in-depth interviews, complete behavioral and skills assessments, and presentations of the most fully qualified candidates to our principal Wipro Infotech Limited.

Our experienced & efficient executives are able to immediately comprehend the requirements of Wipro. They are familiar with the projects, the budgets and the deadlines. They are ideally placed to understand every urgent requirement and provide quick yet effective staffing solutions.

With our extensive database of professionals, we are able to source highly skilled manpower. Today we have more than 500 employees on our payrolls deployed on various customer sites of Wipro Infotech Limited.

We also have a Training Center meant for providing Technical or Soft-skills trainings.

Our commitment to quality also extends to our Customized Services that will help you further increase your efficiencies and find and retain the very best employees.

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